When we were kids, we use to listen fairy tales and stories from our grandparents. Some like goosebumps, mythical stories, fairy tales and many more. Even today also we remember those things and smile!

For a few moment let’s go back to those olden days and re-memorize those stories. Here, we will be talking about one of the most liked stories which is about “Snow white”. Snow white and the seven dwarfs; it is very interesting and lovely story to hear. So lets move-

Snow white-and-the-seven-dwarfs
Snow white-and-the-seven-dwarfs

Snow white and the seven dwarfs:-

Once upon a time, there used to live a king and queen who were expecting for a baby. One day; Queen was sitting alone and was praying her wish for the baby “My baby should have ebony black hairs, bloody red coloured lips and skin bright as the snow!”

Princess-snow white
Princess-snow white

The lucky day arrived; a cute baby girl delighted the kingdom! Her name was “Snow white”. Soon after princess birth, her mother which was queen passed away. The princess was very small so the kind decided to get re-married.

Days passed and snow white grew up. Now she was 18 years old; her step-mother was very attitude and proud-filled kind of lady. She admired herself as the most beautiful lady on the land. She had a magical mirror and always used to ask it “O mirror, who is the most beautiful one on the land?” The mirror replied “O Queen, it is no other than your step-daughter Snow white”.

Listening this, the wicked queen raised in anger. One day when her anger was unbearable; she ordered her staff-men to take Snow white into the deep forest and kill her! She also ordered them to bring her heart as the proof that Snow white is dead.

Following the order, staff-men took her to the forest; Snow white was very gentle and innocent; she was unaware of the wicked plans. When she reached into the deep forest she became afraid by listening about the plan!

The staff-men were not so cruel and after seeing Snow white crying; they said “O Princess, you go please; we are not going to kill you”. Then Snow white asked them “What about that heart that my mother asked you to bring?”

They told “Don’t worry, we well get the heart from some died animal in the forest”. Snow white ran and went deep inside; there she saw a small hut. She was very hungry and feeling very cold so she went inside.

There she saw a basket of apples; she decided to prepare some soup. She drank and left some for the house owner. She was very tired and was willing to have a nap. There she saw 7 small beds. She joined all together and slept silently. After sometimes, 7 small dwarfs came and saw someone in their house.

Snow white woke up and saw them and screamed. They asked “Who are you and what are doing at our house?”Gently, she told all her story. they welcomed her to home and told her to lock from inside when they went out. They were woodcutters and went to forest.

Next day, Queen again asked her mirror and got the same answer as Snow white is the prettiest on the land. Queen became fierce and asked her mirror about her current location. Then the queen came to know that Snow White is at dwarfs house.

She discovered herself in the form of an old women; took a basket of apples and went to dwarfs house. Snow white was inside with door lock inside. The Queen went and told “Apple, sweet apples; eating this will fulfil every wish!” Snow white got excited and opened the window.


Queen said, “O pretty girl, have these apples and get your every wish fulfilled!” Snow white replied, “Sorry madam, I don’t have a single penny with me”. Then that queen gave Snow white an apple and told “Now worries, have this apple as a gift from me.” Actually, this was the plan of queen; that apple was poisonous!

Snow white took the apple, thanked her and went inside. She ate that apple and fainted. After sometimes those dwarfs came and saw her on floor. They tried a lot but Snow white didn’t woke up. They all cried a lot and put her on bed.

Snow white-and-the-prince
Snow white-and-the-prince

After few days, a prince was passing from the way and saw a beautiful girl lying on the bed. She was Snow white. Prince was amazed of her beauty and went to see her. He fell in love with her and kissed her. At the same moment Snow white woke up and saw the prince.

She also fell in love with the prince. Dwarfs were also very happy seeing Snow white again live. Snow white and the prince got married and live happily ever after.

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