Stories which accompanies certain cartoon characters, animations and animal beings are mostly liked by kids. Listening stories are the one of th favourite thing for kids. Here we will be talking about a Moral story of Three little pigs and a big bad wolf.

The very story is filled with enthusiasm and adventure. In addition, it will give a moral lesson to the kid; which every parent wants. So let’s proceed to the story.

Story of Three little pigs and a Big bad wolf:-

Once upon a time, there lived a mother pig with her three little piglets. The names of the piglets were; Eledy, Meledy and Youly. Three of them always used to play and stay together always.

One day while playing hide and seek; three of them went deep inside the forest and saw a big and fierce wolf following them. They were very frightened and ran to their house as faster they could.

Seeing them scared and frightened, the mother pig asked “What happen children, why are you all so frightened”. They replied “Mother, while playing we went into the forest and a big wolf was following us”.

Listening this, mother pig got angry and told them “Don’t get separated, and don’t go deep inside the forest, play around the house only otherwise the wold will make your his prey”. Three of them promised that they ill never go to the forest alone.

After a few days, while dining mother told their kids. “Kids, now you all grown-ups and now you should stay separately on your own house”. “I will give you all equal amount of money, though which you will make your house and live peacefully”.

Next day, mother pig handed three of them equal amount of money. Those three piglets went to search for an appropriate place to build a house. Eledy said, “I will make my hose using straw, it will take very less time and will keep me protect from the bad wolf”.

Pigs deciding to build their house
Pigs deciding to build their house

Meledy said “Brother, I will prefer woods as they are quite stronger”. Youly was very careful and wise, he decided to make a strong house using bricks. Tree of them went to the shops and purchased their own materials.

Eledy was completed the first, he took only a day to build his house. Meledy who was using wood, took 2-3 days to complete the construction. On the other hand, Youly was working very hard and it took a month to build his house.

Seeing Youly working so hard, both the brothers laughed at him and said “O Youly, why are you working so hard, you are really a fool; see how easily we made our house and are resting now”.

Brother pigs laughing at Youly
Brother pigs laughing at Youly

Listening to this Youly replied, “O dear brother, I want a strong hose, and it doesn’t matter how hard I work”. Both of them were still laughing at Youly. After a month, Youly hose was completd with a chimney and he was delighted as compared to his brothers; Youly’s house was looking very beautiful.

The wolf was seeing all these. He said “Now all the pig are living separately, it is the best time to fetch them”. One day, that big bad wolf went to the Eledy’s hose and said “O Eledy please open the door, I am your friend and want to talk you”.

Eledy recognized the voice of that wolf and replid “Don’t try to fool me you bad wolf, I know you are not my friend, go away”. Listening to this, the wolf shouted in anger “O Eledy, you don’t know my power; I can turn your house into a heap of straw just by blowing it”.

The wolf blowed his house with just a whooosh. Eledy was scared and frightened, he ran speedily to his brother Meledy’s hose. He knocked the door and said “Meledy, open the door; it is me your brother Eledy”.

Meledy opened the door and asked “What happened brother, why are so scared”. Eledy told whole story; both of then locked the door tightly and hide under the bed. The wicked wold reached to Meledy’s house and again asked to open the door. Being refused, he cracked the wood house into pieces.

Eldy and meldy escaping to Youly
Eldy and meldy escaping to Youly

Both the Eledy and Meledy were frightened now. In hurry, both of them ran to Youly’s house. They reached to Youly’s house and told all the story. Listening to them Youly said “Dear brothers, don’t be scared, this house is very strong and no one can harm you here”.

This time also that bad wolf tried to break the house, but he failed. He thought of many ways to enter but he failed every time. Finally that wolf saw a ladder going to roof. He thought “The ladder must be helpful to take me at the chimney, and thereby I will enter the house and will have a grand dinner”.

Youly was clever, he saw the wolf going with ladder. Immediately, he placed the woods and flamed them. Youly with the help of his brother. took a huge vessel and filled it with water. After a few minutes, the water started boiling.

As the wolf entered the fireplace, his tail and back as burnt. Like a rocket he left the place and never came back. Thee of them was overjoyed and lived together always.

Moral of the Story:-

Never fear of give excuse to work, many times half and temporarily done work gets destroyed. One should be hard-working and done to earth like Youly. StoriesStoriesMoral stories,Stories,story for kids,Story of three pigs and a bad wolfStories which accompanies certain cartoon characters, animations and animal beings are mostly liked by kids. Listening stories are the one of th favourite thing for kids. Here we will be talking about a Moral story of Three little pigs and a big bad wolf. The very story is filled...Share what you like